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Basic Chinese Expressions Practical Chinese Speaking

There will be totally 365 sentences in this section, which you might use all year round. These are very common sentences Chinese people use daily, and they sure will help you improve your spoken Chinese. At present, we provide pinyin of each sentence.

123 It doesn't work. 124 You've dialed the wrong number.
125 I suppose so. 126 These things happen all the time.
127 I missed the shuttle. 128 I'm on my way.
129 I'll be right with you. 130 Take you time.
131 I'm sorry I'm late. 132 Where have you been?
133 I couldn't help it. 134 That's all right.
135 Better late than never. 136 I left my phone in the taxi.
137 I didn't mean to. 138 Don't worry about it.
139 It's no big deal. 140 It slipped my mind.
141 It will come to me. 142 Don't get me wrong.
143 I wasn't aware of that. 144 It's all my fault.
145 There is nothing I can do. 146 I apologize.
147 It won't happen again. 148 Forgive me.
149 Let's make up. 150 If you don't mind.
151 May I ask you a question? 152 Are you married?
153 It's up in the air. 154 Look before you leap.
155 I'll have to see about that. 156 You said it.
157 Can you give me some feedback? 158 As far as I know.
159 It's a toss-up. 160 It's only a matter of time.
161 That rings a bell. 162 I've got news for you.
163 Let me guess. 164 You are kidding.
166 There's a possibility. 167 It's a small world.
168 What a coincidence! 169 Fancy that!
170 I can't believe it. 171 I mean what I say.
172 you are in luck. 173 Let's celebrate!
174 It's just what I had in mind. 175 You are so considerate.
176 Cheers! 177 What shall I ware?
178 Let's find out. 179 How do I look?
180 I'd like to get a haircut. 181 What do you think of it?
182 Jut let it be. 183 By the way,
184 Did you have a good day today? 185 What are your plans for the weekend?
186 I want to go on a picnic. 187 Did you have a nice holiday?
188 Did you have fun? 189 Something's come up.
190 My car is out of gas. 191 What a pity!
192 I'll get a cab. 193 I've changed my mind.
194 I was just about to call you. 195 That's good to know.
196 Thanks for the warning. 197 What's the matter with you?
198 I'm not felling well. 199 Please leave me alone.
200 I've got a headache. 201 I'm sorry to hear that.
202 Can I have a day off? 203 You can't complain.
204 It's better than nothing. 205 Better luck next time.
206 You will be better off. 207 Believe it or not.
208 Maybe it will work. 209 You'll get over it.
210 The same to you. 211 That's for sure.
212 I'm in good mood. 213 Could you join me in shopping?
214 How late are you open? 215 I'm just having a look.
216 Have you got anything larger? 217 May I try it on?
218 How much is it? 219 I can't afford it.
220 Can you give me a discount? 221 You get what you pay for.
222 You've made a good choice. 223 I'll take it.
224 You got a good deal. 225 Do you have some change?
226 Let me see. 227 May I pay by credit card?
228 Is there a bank near here? 229 I'd like to deposit some money.
230 What can I do for you? 231 I want to reserve a room.
232 Do you have a room available? 233 I want to rent an apartment.
234 What's the rent? 235 Take it or leave it.
236 I'll keep my eyes open. 237 Don't bother.
238 I'd like to have a phone installed. 239 I'm decorating my house.
240 That will do. 241 That will do.
241 Let's call it a day. 242 Can I have a word with you?
243 I'd like to ask for a raise. 244 That's fair.

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Basic Chinese Expressions Practical Chinese Speaking