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Learn to Speak Chinese: Free Chinese Speaking Lesson

Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese by following our free Chinese speaking lessons to practise and improve your oral Chinese skills. If you find these free lessons useful, please don't forget to recommend us to your friends who are interested in learning Chinese online for free.


We now offer three sections in this column: Basic Chinese Expressions, Practical Chinese and Everyday Chinese.

Basic Chinese Expressions are mainly for beginners. It gives sample sentences used under different circumstances, with audio materials as your guide to speak Chinese.

Practical Speaking Chinese - Like Basic Expressions, this section has audio materials too. It shows what people say or ask in different places and it is very useful for your daily use.

Everyday Chinese - We provide useful Chinese sentences provided in dialogues with pinyin pronunciations. It has 365 lessons in total. One lesson a day, you will know how to speak Chinese.

Basic Chinese Expressions

Lesson 1


Lesson 19

Suggestion & Advice

Lesson 2


Lesson 20

Demand & Command

Lesson 3

Expressing Thanks & Appreciation

Lesson 21

Warning & Reminder

Lesson 4

Say Goodbye & Farewell

Lesson 22

Permission & Promise

Lesson 5

Good Wishes & congratulations

Lesson 23

Surprise & Puzzlement

Lesson 6

Apology & Forgiveness

Lesson 24


Lesson 7

Proposals & Invitations

Lesson 25


Lesson 8

Views & Appointments

Lesson 26


Lesson 9

Intention & Plan

Lesson 27


Lesson 10

Notifying & Passing on Message

Lesson 28


Lesson 11

Negative Expressions

Lesson 29

Asking for Help

Lesson 12

Worry & Anxiety

Lesson 30

Refusing & Declining Request

Lesson 13

Anger & Displeasure

Lesson 31

Cause & Result

Lesson 14

Fondness & Satisfaction

Lesson 32


Lesson 15

Regret & Disappointment

Lesson 33

Supposition & Condition

Lesson 16

Compliment & Appreciation

Lesson 34

Enumeration & Exemplification

Lesson 17

Criticism & Complaint

Lesson 35

Approval and Disapproval

Lesson 18

Prediction & Guess

Lesson 36

Self-reproach and Brag